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Spend more time enjoying your horses and making memories at the races. Le Racing Office deals with everything to make your life as an owner much easier!

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financial management

Stakeholder coordination

Companies & organisations

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Heads of companies, businesses or associations may have many plans but lack the resources needed to put them into action.
Le Racing Office can help!

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Breeding horses is an expert business, but also requires precise administration.
Le Racing Office has the right experience!

Global livestock management

Nomination contracts paperwork

Administrative formalities

France Galop, IFCE

Anne-Charlotte André

Expertise in the horse racing industry

More than a job, a passion

As a thoroughbred breeder and horse owner (Flat and National Hunt) from a horseracing family, I am lucky to make a living from my passion. With 20 years’ experience in the industry, including 16 years with Écurie des Monceaux, I am now using my knowledge to help people looking to invest in French racing and breeding.

+ 20 years' experience

Attention to detail

Industry knowledge


With extensive knowledge of the French racing industry, its processes and participants, Le Racing Office saves you time and makes life easier.